Scientific Research

CyberTracer technology continues to contribute to a number of ongoing scientific research projects...

Animal Behaviour and Marine Protected Areas

CyberTracker was an invaluable tool for this paper on "Animal Counting Toolkit: a practical guide to small-boat surveys for estimating abundance of coastal marine mammals" by Rob Williams, Erin Ashe, Katie Gaut, Rowenna Gryba, Jeffrey E. Moore, Eric Rexstad, Doug Sandilands, Justin Steventon, Randall R. Reeves (2017). Endang Species Res.

Another paper on Killer Whales "Animal behaviour and marine protected areas: incorporating behavioural data into the selection of marine protected areas for an endangered killer whale population" by E. Ashe, D. P. Noren & R. Williams. Animal Conservation 13 (2010) 196–203.



Science Support within the South African National Parks Adaptive Management Framework


SANParks, which include 19 protected areas, varying in biodiversity and environmental gradients, require an adaptive management system in order to appropriately and effectively monitor and plan their parks. In order to do so, they tailor cybertracker to fit the various needs of their projects, which include accurate data collection, capacity building for non-literate employees, and support for local community projects.


Defining Optimal Sampling Effort for Large-Scale Monitoring of Invasive Alien Plants: A Bayesian Method for Estimating the Abundance and Distribution

sampling-boxThough large scale protected areas have become a crucial concept in conservation, the implementation of such projects are often constrained by cost. It becomes crucial, then, for parks to develop a cost-effective method of sampling which can serve the dual purpose of both monitoring and planning conservation areas. By using CyberTracker data collected in Kruger National Park, Hui et al. have compared various models of sampling in order to determine the most accurate and least effort intensive mode of gathering data.


Contacts Between Domestic Livestock and Wildlife at Kruger National Park Interface of the Republic of South Africa

cow-boxMonitoring the interaction between wildlife and livestock is crucial in better understanding the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in South African cattle. In Kruger National Park, rangers using CyberTracker to record sightings have noticed trends in the seasonal and spatial movements of livestock and wildlife. Such findings are being used to better predict and interpret the transmission of such diseases, in order to mitigate it in the future.